Healthcare Industry Partnerships

HPIC is the charity of choice in Canada for the healthcare industry’s gift-in-kind donations.

For over two decades HPIC has built its network of pharmaceutical and hospital supply donor companies to about 50 active partnerships.

HPIC’s donors are comfortable donating medicines, vaccines, vitamins, supplements and hospital supplies to HPIC because

  • HPIC has a Health Canada Establishment Licence
  • HPIC is able to track products and handle a recall
  • HPIC works according to the principles set forth in the World Health Organization’s Guidelines for Medicine Donations
  • HPIC handles the donated medicines with great care and professionalism, as evidenced by several experiences of maintaining the cold chain for millions of doses of vaccines
  • HPIC has a global network of partners and is a founding member of the Health & Hope Alliance
  • Channelling donations through HPIC means that a company is part of a coordinated Canadian response to health needs in the developing world, especially impactful during emergencies
  • Sending requests for donations to HPIC saves time and money for companies
  • Supporting the mission of HPIC is a natural fit for healthcare companies’ Corporate Social Responsibility strategies
  • Employee motivation and loyalty are influenced by a company’s support for the mission of HPIC.