Bulk medicines

We work with Canadian NGOs to improve access to medicines and medical supplies in vulnerable communities around the world. These initiatives support resource-limited hospitals and clinics, and contribute to broader community development goals.

How it works

Choose your product: Once registered, partners regularly receive lists of available and diverse products donated by the Canadian pharmaceutical industry. Partners can select appropriate medicines and medical supplies based on their project needs. Shipments are then built and prepared for delivery.

Get your shipment on its way: It is our partners’ responsibility to find out what documents and steps are required to secure customs clearance in their country of destination. However, we support our partners to ensure that their shipments are successful. This logistical support includes the preparation of necessary documents for shipping and customs clearance.

Contribution: HPIC requests a handling contribution fee per full skid of medicine and medical supplies shipped. These contributions help with some of HPIC’s operational costs, which include procuring medicines, maintaining an inventory and tracking system, as well as storing donated medicines and preparing shipments. Shipping costs are our partners’ responsibility.

Reporting and follow up: In order to maintain accountability to our donors and ensure the continuous improvement and quality of activities, HPIC requires our partners to report on the impact of their shipment and how donated medicines contributed to their community projects.

All donated product is top quality and good-dated

HPIC endorses best practices in medical donations as outlined in the WHO Guidelines for Medicine Donations. In addition, HPIC’s Establishment Licence from Health Canada demonstrates that we treat products with the same diligence and care as the manufacturer.

If you would like to become a partner organization, please contact HPIC’s NGO programs at ngoprograms@hpicanada.ca or call at 1-800-627-1787 or 514-822-1112, ext. 118.