Baby Hats & Slings

Your skills can help give a new baby a better start

Knit or Crochet a Baby Hat


Did you know that something as simple as a knitted or crocheted hat could help save a newborn’s life in many impoverished communities?

Here’s a scientific fact: A newborn’s head makes up to 21 percent of the total body surface area. Heat loss can occur for a newborn by escaping through the body surface. Because of the large ratio of head to body, it is important to keep the newborn’s head covered immediately after birth to reduce heat loss through the head.

Use your knitting or crochet skills to help give a new baby a better start.

Knit or crochet few hats and encourage others to make some too. This will lead to more hats and more people who care about mothers and babies in the developing world.

All hats will be distributed through our Mother-Child Health Kit program that runs in many developing countries.

Sew a Baby Scale Sling

Provide a midwife with a perfect gift. Use your sewing skills to make a baby scale sling that can go with the infant weighing scale we provide in our Mother-Child Health Kits.

Use this Baby Scale Sling Pattern, and sew as many as you can and encourage others to sew some.

Drop off all hand-made hats and slings at our Montreal-based office or our distribution centre in Oakville. Call 905-670-1990 or toll-free: 1-866-798-4742.