Build your legacy now

Planning your legacy is a meaningful and beneficial exercise

There are many good reasons to begin building your legacy even now. Robust and impactful legacies involve more than just writing a will. When you activate your legacy now, you get to personally give your gift and witness its impact. There may also be tax advantages to beginning legacy planning and giving earlier.

Your legacy donation(s) may be your greatest gift ever – – impacting thousands of people, saving mothers and young children, bringing hope to families and whole communities.

However, there are certain things you need to think through and plan appropriately to make your greatest donation and to ensure that the cause dear to your heart can flourish for years to come.

Make your legacy a delivery of health and hope through a gift(s) to Health Partners International of Canada.

6 Ways to activate your legacy

1. Life Insurance

Could there be a better policy than supporting access to medicine for years to come? You can donate life insurance by naming HPIC as a beneficiary for your policy. This option multiplies a modest monthly insurance premium to give a major gift to the cause of your choice when the policy is redeemed.

2. Charitable Remainder Trusts and Gifts of Residual Interest

Arrange a trust for HPIC using cash, bonds, securities, real estate or another tangible asset. You’ll be making a gift today but benefitting from the income for the rest of your life.

3. When transferring wealth to the next generation

If you are beginning to distribute your assets to the next generation, it makes financial sense to consider charitable giving to your favourite charities to offset certain tax requirements.

4. RRSPs and RRIFs

You plan for your future by investing in RRSPs and RRIFs. You can help plan for the future of HPIC’s mission by designating HPIC as the beneficiary of your fund. You are planning to increase access to medicine for the most vulnerable communities and your estate will receive a tax receipt for the full donation amount.

5. Gifts-in-kind

If you are considering a gift of property, such as real estate, art, rare books, musical scores or other valuables, please contact us.

6. Bequest

Decide on your gift now, but donate it later. A bequest means that you invest in your charity(ies) of choice by naming them in your will, ensuring that the causes you cared about in life carry on with a final and major gift. Your estate will receive a tax receipt that can be applied to the year of death or the preceding year.

Next steps

Contact your financial advisor or insurance broker to begin planning your legacy

Or contact HPIC for more information

Nancy McGuire at 514-822-1112, ext. 128 or at: