Why take medicines from Canada when I can buy locally?

Upon arrival, you will already have what you need.

  • Medicines that are in-date
  • Distribute the medicines that you know and use in Canada
  • HPIC is licensed by Health Canada and provides high-quality medicines that are in-date
  • Improper storage and handling in the destination country can compromise quality and efficacy
  • Lack of essential medicines, even when you can afford to buy them, is a real problem in many

Who can carry a kit?

Almost everyone can take a Humanitarian Medical Kit.

Healthcare workers, volunteers, NGOs, humanitarian organizations, churches and faith-based organizations all take these kits. Some people who take kits use them and others deliver them as a gift of health and hope.

Going On A Medical Mission?

Take a Humanitarian Medical Kit

  1. …before you leave
  2. Submit your application online, at least 3 weeks before you leave.
  3. Verify custom procedures for medicines in your destination country.
  4. HPIC requests a tax-deductible donation of $675/kit to cover some of the costs of the program.
  5. Check out our grant programs for students and new carriers and our free online fundraising tool.

Humanitarian Medical Kit Packing List

Fundraise for your kit

Apply Now!

Any questions: Contact HPIC at, call 905-670-1990 or 1-800-627-1787