Improving Pharmaceutical Management

We work with our partners to strengthen health systems, not only by improving the availability of medicine and supplies, but also by enhancing local supply chains and pharmaceutical management practices. These initiatives work to ensure better access to high quality medicines over the long-term.

With more than two decades of experience, we are well positioned to provide technical assistance that focuses on national priorities and builds on existing resources. HPIC’s technical support includes:

  • Needs forecasting based on historic records
  • Procurement
  • Auditing and physical counts
  • Improved drug storage facilities and warehouse management
  • Tracking stocks and medicine consumption
  •  Inventory control systems
  • Development and implementation of Standard Operating Procedures
  • Strengthening accountability and reporting procedures

Working with partners to build capacity

HPIC works in a participatory manner to customise provided technical support according to our partners’ identified needs. These steps include:

  • Conducting assessments to identify gaps
  • Preparing participatory capacity building plans
  • Facilitating on-the-job training to support improved functions and operations
  • Developing and maintaining relevant Standard Operating Procedures and manuals
  • Developing indicators to monitor and track performance

For more information, please contact HPIC’s Wes Robinson at or at 1-866-798-4742 or 905-670-1990 ext. 108.