Staff and Volunteer Conflict of Interest Policy

Excerpt from the Human Resources Manual

2.8 Conflict of Interest

“In some situations, the personal and/or business activities and interests of an employee may be perceived to be in conflict with those of Health Partners.

Definition of Interest

  • Acceptance of Favors: an employee shall not demand, accept, agree to accept or offer, directly or indirectly, gifts, discounts, loans, services, or benefits from a person or corporation having dealings with Health Partners.
  • Financial Interests: if an employee directly or indirectly owns, is beneficially entitled to or has an interest in any land, building, leases, mortgage, goods, services, or contract which is offered for option, sale, lease, or assignment to Health Partners and/or persons receiving direct service from Health Partners the employee shall disclose the situation to the President.
  • Outside Activities: Whenever an employee considers that he/she could be in a position of conflict with the interest of Health Partners he/she shall disclose the situation to the President.
  • Public Appearances: an employee shall not accept any fee for taking part in a public speaking engagement or a public radio/television performance to which he/she was invited as a direct result of:
    — His/her position as an employee
    — His/her field of knowledge derived from his/her employment with Health Partners.


It is the employee’s responsibility to identify and to report any possible or actual conflicts of interest, regardless of whether or not the employee derives benefit, to their supervisor for evaluation.”


I, _________________________________, do hereby confirm that I am not in conflict of interest between my personal interest and duties as an employee of Health Partners International of Canada.
Signed: _______________________________
Date: _______________________________