Afghan toddler recovers with antibiotics provided by HPIC

When Shabnam was only five days old, she had serious medical problems that required her to be admitted to the hospital. She arrived at Indira Gandhi Children’s Hospital in Kabul with a perforated anus and a fistula.

As a result, the Afghan baby girl was unable to have normal bowel functions. Unfortunately, the required surgery could only be done once she weighed 10 kg. As a temporary solution, she had a series of surgeries.

In June 2010, when she was two and a half years old, Shabnam had to return to the hospital. This time, her colostomy site was badly infected. Indira Gandhi Children’s Hospital had received a shipment of medicines and hospital supplies from Health Partners International of Canada donated by Canadian pharmaceutical and healthcare products companies. Rocephin (an antibiotic donated by Roche Canada to HPIC) was prescribed to Shabnam and she made a full recovery.

Three months after being treated for the infection, Shabnam weighed enough and was ready for the surgery that would allow her to have normal bowel functions. The surgeons were happy to have access to high-quality medicine, which is essential for patients like Shabnam both during and after surgery.