Cared for by loving arms

In the villages of Parramas and Parrajos in Guatemala, the only medical services offered to the population are from mobile clinics run by Canadian charity Loving Arms.

Teams from Loving Arms travel to the area at least twice a year, where they are working on building a community complex that will include a school, a community centre, a church and a soccer field. In the meantime, visiting medical professionals set up makeshift clinics in various facilities in the villages where they use Physician Travel Packs to care for the impoverished population.

Rod Stein, who volunteered with Loving Arms last spring, reports that many people suffer from coughs and other upper respiratory ailments, largely due to smoke from cooking fires inside the houses.

Other health concerns include malnutrition, worms, yeast infections, eye infections and inflammatory skin conditions.

While the team was conducting a clinic in the village of Parrajos, a woman came down the mountain road with her children. Her little girl fell as she ran down the mountain. A member of the team noticed the mother and little girl in distress and approached them to see if they would like to see the doctor. The mother, who didn’t even know a doctor was there, gladly brought her child.

Upon examination, the doctor determined that the little girl had fractured her arm. He was able to immobilize it and give her pain medication from the PTP.

Stein says, “In a world where the poor and less fortunate are often not seen or even thought about, we sincerely appreciate the generosity of HPIC and its partners. By your gifts, these people are able to get basic treatment that so many in the western world take for granted. Thank you from all of us.”