“Chernobyl children” enjoy a Canadian holiday

A group of smiling children headed back home to Belarus on August 11, having spent the summer breathing Canadian air and enjoying the company of south-western Ontario host families.

Belarus is the small country just 10 km north of the Chernobyl power plant that received more than 70 per cent of the radioactive fallout from the nuclear explosion in 1986.

The population continues to struggle with health issues including breathing difficulties, depressed immune systems and birth defects.

The CKEL Chernobyl Children Fund arranges for several Belarusian children to visit Canadian host families in the summer, participating in family and group activities and enjoying life without coughing.

Health Partners International of Canada supplies basic over-the-counter medical products for the children to take home with them.

David Morrison, Director of the Chernobyl Children Fund, says, “We would like to express how much we appreciate the donated medicines, but most importantly, how much this is appreciated by the children’s families.”