Dental patients (and dentists) benefit from anesthetic in DTP

Dental extractions without proper anesthetic can be almost as traumatic for the dentist as for the patient.

That’s one of the many reasons why Vancouver dentist Dr. Asif Tejani carries a Dental Travel Pack from HPIC when he goes on medical missions around the world.

In a recent report, he writes: A mother came a long distance with her six-year-old daughter who had been suffering from an abscess for a week. The child was in a lot of pain and she was terribly scared. A physician had placed her on antibiotics and it was time to extract her infected root tips. Her mother whispered to me that she was terrified that this was going to hurt a lot.

It was unnerving to try to assure her that the injection would not hurt, that we had a special cream that we would apply to the gums and numb the area up. But that is what I did, hoping that the topical agent in the DTP would do the trick.

We worked expeditiously to anesthetize and remove the teeth. She hardly flinched. I cannot describe the feeling I had, realizing that without the topical anesthetic, this could have been a deeply traumatizing experience for this young girl. The mom gave as a pineapple as a thank you token. But the most precious gift for me was the little girl’s beautiful smile on a tearless face.

Topical anesthetic is a lifesaver when treating children in a setting where all the other children are in full view of treatment. It’s like a domino effect. When one child reacts well to dentistry, the confidence of the others multiplies.

If I had had the DTP with me in past dental missions, there would have been many situations where I could have potentially saved teeth as opposed to extracting them. I hope you continue to do this great work and support dentists willing to do dentistry in the less developed world.