Deworming medicine allows children to thrive

Dr. Haig treats Defred and his mother for intestinal parasites

Dr. Cynthia Haig, who took deworming medicine among other treatments with her to Ghana, saw firsthand the benefit for the villagers, including three-year-old Defred and his mother Belinda.

“Belinda and her son were typical of the many people we treated. Intestinal parasites are universal in these poor village dwellers, robbing them of the precious nutrients in their food. Many suffer from anemia and the children are usually small in stature and underweight. The parents are very eager to receive this treatment. Little Defred closed his eyes as if not to see the strange white lady who was getting too close to him, but he was eager to have the medicine that would help him grow stronger.

“His mom couldn’t say thank you enough for the treatment the two of them received.”

Most children living in impoverished communities have parasites in their digestive system, preventing the proper absorption of the nutrients in their food. This leads to anemia, frequent sickness, distended bellies, and stunted growth.

Annette Vickers, director of Presbyterians Aiding Nicaraguans, reports, “At one point we stopped testing the children for parasites. They all had them.”

A simple treatment with deworming medicine gives these children the chance to thrive.