Dr. Ken Taylor’s team heals baby in D.R.

Many Canadians dream about a vacation in tropical Dominican Republic with white sandy beaches and sunshine every day. Yet, many Dominicans would trade in their beaches for access to basic health care and medicine.

Dr. Ken Taylor, a family doctor in St. Catharines, Ontario and his wife Denise, run an organization that enlists Canadian tourists in their mission to distribute medical supplies around the world. On a recent trip to the D.R., Not Just Tourists carried three Physician Travel Packs to two clinics.

“It is unexplainable how many people in poor conditions suffer daily without the necessary medicines,” wrote the Taylors in a report to HPIC. “Your help (through the Physician Travel Packs) is a blessing and helps these people live more productive lives.”

The three PTPs provided enough medicines to treat up to 1,800 patients, including baby Rosa and a young man named Raul.

“One-year-old Rosa came in with an abscess on her temple the size of a peach pit,” the Taylors wrote. “After draining it, we were able to give her an antibiotic suspension & Tylenol to take home with her to heal and avoid further infection.”

Raul, a 24-year-old worker, presented with a 15-day-old open sore on his shin. “It was infected and after cleanings and treatment with Ceftin (an antibiotic), he was back at work,” the Taylors wrote.

The people in Rosa and Raul’s community do not have money to provide for their medical needs. Unless they have an emergency, they wait until the donated medicines arrive from Canada to seek health care.