A Haitian boy finds the care he desperately needs

Jonathan, 12, was admitted to a small rural hospital in Dessalines, Haiti with a bowel obstruction.

The hospital serves a population of very poor subsistence farmers. More than 100 patients arrive every day seeking care, but unfortunately due to lack of available medicines, many suffer and even die unnecessarily.

Jonathan was lucky.

A Canadian team, travelling with relief and development organization Help the Aged, recently volunteered their time and services at the Claire Heureuse Hospital. Knowing that “finding essential medicines on a consistent basis is very difficult” in Haiti, they brought two Physician Travel Packs from HPIC with them.

Jonathan underwent surgery: an ileostomy, a temporary colostomy and an appendectomy. He remained in the hospital until he healed enough to reverse the colostomy. His care and comfort were made possible through the use of Cipro and Ibuprofen provided in the PTPs.

Team member Alfred Laberge expresses his appreciation to HPIC and the companies that donate product for medical missions such as this. “We are indebted to these companies and we want to thank them for their generosity and compassion towards the Haitian people. If the Haitian people who receive these medicines could say anything to them, this is what they would say: ‘We don’t have anything we could give them except our gratitude.'”