HPIC responds to humanitarian crisis in North Africa

Photo: Reuters

Responding to the ongoing humanitarian crisis in North Africa, Health Partners International of Canada is preparing to send a shipment of medical supplies destined for Tunisia.

HPIC’s shipment will help our NGO partner on the ground to deliver crucial aid to people affected by uprisings in the region.

Since the uprising in Libya began, over 100,000 refugees have fled to Tunisia. While many of the refugees have been migrant workers, more and more Libyan families are arriving at the tent camps that provide temporary shelter. Aid agencies and emergency relief groups working at the Choucha refugee camps, 25 kilometres from the country borders expect the crisis to get worse if the violence continues and medical supplies run out in the west of Libya.

Tunisia continues to struggle with transition after its own revolution, which started in December 2010. Tunisian men, women and children, especially those living in rural zones, are in dire need of medicine and supplies.

HPIC will continue its efforts to get supplies and medicines to the people in need during this time of crisis.