The hub of health care

The one-room rondavel clinic in Ha Makhata, Pitseng, Lesotho is the centre of health care for the community.

The Phelisanong clinic serves the residents of the Center for Disabled and Orphans, participants in a community farm and livestock program, students at the school on site, and any villagers who choose to come for care.

The facility for disabled children houses about 50 physically and developmentally disabled children from ages 4 to 18, plus several adults who help care for the children. There is also a primary school for about 250 village children, about 65 per cent of whom are single or double orphans.

Personnel from Phelisanong also conduct outreach in 19 surrounding villages, including HIV/AIDS testing and workshops, assisting with income generating projects, and delivering social services to orphans and bedridden adults.

Canadian Resa Lent has been to Lesotho several times to offer her help. She recently carried a PTP to the clinic where the staff provide general health care to people of all ages.

Sandy Phoenix, a nurse at the clinic, writes, “I used the antibiotic creams to treat wounds and an animal bite. The oral antibiotics were used in combination with antifungals in the treatment of STIs. The vitamins were used up quickly, as were the Tylenol and Ibuprofen.

“The medications which came from HPIC were very helpful.”