Marina Orsini thanks HPIC

marina-orsiniA container filled with medicines and supplies arrived in Uganda this month destined for the Lacor Hospital. Among its contents were 14 skids of hypertension medicine, multivitamins, and hospital supplies donated to Health Partners International of Canada by Pharmascience, Pfizer and Covidien.

“I would like to thank Health Partners International of Canada for your generosity. Thank you for being there and I hope you will continue to be there,” said Quebec actress and radio personality Marina Orsini, celebrity spokesperson for the Teasdale-Corti Foundation, which was established to support the hospital in rural Uganda.
HPIC participated in a press conference in Quebec City Nov. 19 with other partners of the Teasdale-Corti Foundation at the headquarters of NGO Collaboration Santé Internationale to share news of the arrival of the container. During the event, a live link was established with Dr. Dominique Corti, daughter of Dr. Lucille Teasdale and Dr. Piero Corti, at the hospital in Uganda. Dr. Corti thanked HPIC by name during her remarks at the press conference.

“My mother would be so proud and happy to see the commitment from her country,” Dr. Corti said. The hospital is operating in a country with high infant and maternal mortality, she said. Many families live on $1 a day. The hospital is a place where they can receive care and where medical staff can gain experience in an environment that has basic resources.

Claudia Sighomnou, HPIC’s Director, International Programs, eastern region, also spoke during the press conference. “It has been two years now that we work with the Teasdale-Corti Foundation,” she said. “We are very proud of this partnership.”
HPIC looks forward to further collaboration with the Teasdale-Corti Foundation for the benefit of the mothers and babies and other patients served by Lacor Hospital.

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