Mother and children focus of Honduran shipment

Women and children seen at 49 clinics in rural Honduras “greatly benefitted” from a shipment of medicines Health Partners International of Canada provided to HOPE International’s project in Honduras.

“Families in the rural areas of Comayagua department in Honduras have trouble accessing medicines when they need them,” wrote Michelle Langlois of HOPE in a report to HPIC. “Rural families even in very remote areas had access to needed medicines on a continual basis throughout the project period. &The types of medicine sent, which primarily treat children, are extremely important in Honduras.”

Money freed up by the donated medicines was used to do community training in health issues, and family breadwinners were able to get to work thanks to treatment rather than losing days to illness.

Ana was one of the children treated with these medicines. Severely underweight from birth, she was being monitored carefully. One of four children in a family headed by a single mother with very little work and no education, Ana had a tough start in life.

“Her mother and the community health monitors did all they could to help improve the baby’s condition including a community food drive,” Langlois said. “However what really helped the little girl to get back to her normal weight were the Vitamin C and Iron supplements, donated by Health Partners International of Canada.”

Maria, Ana’s mother, was able to get the needed vitamins easily since they had been distributed to the local community pharmacy.

“María was very grateful for the fact that she has access to a pharmacy with quality medications right in her own community,” Langlois wrote.” Recently, the community celebrated Ana’s last growth monitoring meeting (24 months) at which she weighed in at 29.7 lbs.: an adequate weight for her age.”