Physician Travel Packs used in China relief efforts

A young Chinese boy left homeless following the Sichuan earthquake

HPIC and its partners are playing an active role in relief efforts following the devastating earthquake that wracked the Sichuan area of China on May 12.

The Hon. Raymond Chan, MP for Richmond and two medical doctors, Dr. Kan Li, a Canadian emergency room physician, and Dr. Robert Chan, a Canadian infectious disease specialist, visited the disaster area in June, bringing with them seven Physician Travel Packs (PTPs) that brought assistance to thousands of people.

The team was part of the Sichuan Earthquake Children’s Community Fund of the Vancouver-based Ice Breaking Care Society. The impact of the earthquake convinced them that a longer-term assistance is needed and the group plans to return to China in July with a larger medical team bringing with them another 18 PTPs.

“Touring the quake zone and meeting survivors and front line medical teams left us with a strong determination to support the victims’ recovery and to help get the people of Sichuan back on their feet by rebuilding their region,” said Chan.

“The social infrastructure in this part of Sichuan province was completely destroyed. Hospitals, schools, seniors’ housing, orphanages and even mental institutions have been turned into complete rubble,” he said. “Crucial medicine is in great demand as much of their medical supplies could not be recovered from the rubble.”

On behalf of the team that visited the area, Chan thanked HPIC and the healthcare companies for the assistance contained in the PTPs and urged them to continue in their generosity.

“As Canadians we must continue to demonstrate our compassionate spirit by helping those who are in need around the world whenever we have the ability to do so. It is clear that despite the strong resolve of the Chinese people, much more assistance is and will be necessary in Shifong City and other quake-devastated regions of Sichuan province.