Relief for Bolivians underway

The distribution of medicine and medical supplies, which arrived in Bolivia in late April, can now begin to relieve some of the suffering for flood victims in the country.

On May 12, 2010, the Minister of Health of Bolivia, Nilda Heredia, accepted the donated shipment from HPIC at an event at the offices of PAI – Ministry of Health and Sports of Bolivia in la Paz. During her speech she said, “HPIC’s commitment to the people of Bolivia is clear. It is our hope to continue with the collaboration of this organization in order to provide medical assistance to those families that have suffered from nature’s inclemency.”

Anne Marie Hodgson, the Head of the Canadian Cooperation Office who provide on-site assistance in Bolivia, opened the event by talking about the joint effort between HPIC and the Minister of Health and her staff to get the much needed aid.

The shipment contained $160,000 worth of medicine and supplies, including pain relievers and antibiotics, which will provide relief for people whose daily life is already a struggle. Bolivia is the poorest country in South America, and one out of five people earn less than $US1.25 a day.

The event also addressed the need for work to continue towards the prevention of illness, creating awareness with the community and natural disaster preparation. A representative from HPIC stated “Canada is Bolivia’s ally and we wish to continue with this relation, consolidating a relationship that serves Bolivian people. This brotherhood between nations is today translated into actions and, hopefully, to a future and continuous work.”