A safer work environment for Ministry of Public Health workers in Kabul

Mohammad, a skilled laborer at the Afghan Ministry of Public Health’s Central Medical Stores (CMS), related his experience and thanks to HPIC’s Kabul-based Logistics Manager: “There are lots of problems that I have faced since I first started working at the CMS 10 years ago. One of these problems is the lack of safety equipment.

“The safety material provided by HPIC has been helpful and useful. Even though these materials cost very little, we need them to work. With all the dangers we face every day at the CMS, they could save our lives if ever there is an accident.

“Once, my finger got caught underneath a heavy box and I had pain for many days. Another time, I fell off the back of a truck when we were loading goods and I injured my head. I needed to be hospitalized for two days. Even now I still have some pain from that injury.

“Do you see these marks on my hands? They are the result of touching and carrying cartons of chemicals without gloves. If I would have had safety equipment, perhaps my hands and head wouldn’t have gotten hurt.

“Thank you for providing us with this safety equipment.”

In May 2010, HPIC provided necessary safety equipment, including steel-toe boots, safety helmets, uniform coveralls and work gloves, to ensure that the staff at the Central Medical Stores are properly equipped to do their job. This is part of HPIC’s Capacity Building and Access to Medicines project in partnership with the Ministry of Public Health in Afghanistan. The project is funded by the Canadian International Development Agency.