Surgical nurse now able to support his family

Sixty-year old Hassibulah had been working as a surgical nurse in Kabul, Afghanistan to support his family of nine children when he began feeling ill and dizzy which made keeping a regular work schedule very difficult. Six months ago he arrived at IBN SINA Cardiac Hospital in Kabul seeking help for his increasingly severe dizziness and he was diagnosed as having hypertension, hypercholesterolemia and high blood-pressure.

Hassibulah was initially prescribed a medication for his illness which was not very effective and his cardiologist made the decision to switch him to Atorvastatine, a medication provided by the HPIC CBAM project and donated by Teva Canada. As a result of his new treatment he is now able to work regularly and provide for his wife and children but must undergo monthly check-ups to monitor his improving health.

At IBN SINA Cardiac Hospital the demand for cardiac medication and antibiotics for post-operative care is constant and at times doctors have been forced to purchase medications themselves for patients who could not afford, but desperately needed them. The Head of the Medical Department, Dr. Rahim Yassin, describes this generosity as “our duty”. Patients will occasionally buy their own medication at the local bazaar but the availability and quality of the medicine is often questionable according to the cardiologist.

Yassin explains that without the high-quality medication coming from HPIC and our pharmaceutical and healthcare supply donors he would not be able to treat the large number of patients that the hospital welcomes on a daily basis. In the outpatient section of the hospital there are an estimated 150 patients treated a day, and the hospital has an inpatient wing with 60 beds that is often overcrowded.

In 2011, the Afghan Ministry of Health announced that cardiac illness is on the rise in many parts of the country and that at least one Afghan dies of cardiac illness every day.

“Every human being should help the sick and needy based on ability and available resources.” These words were penned by Teva Canada’s founder, Leslie Dan, and echo in the company’s philosophy to this day. Teva Canada and HPIC have a long-standing partnership that makes this corporate philosophy a reality, and the impact of their dedication to help those in need is considerable.