Twins get a new chance at life

Juven and Jacob are two-year-old twins who came to the Children of the Promise orphanage in Cap Haitien, Haiti at 6 weeks of age.

They weighed only four pounds each. Their mother had died shortly after giving birth and their grandmother had tried to keep them alive by feeding them tea, but lacked the resources to enable her to care for them.

Canadian RN Sylvia Vermeulen visited COTP in May. She said that medicine from HPIC was used to help restore and maintain the health of these boys and many others until they could be placed with an adoptive family. Happily, the twins have since gone to live with their new family in Alberta.

The mission of COTP is to promote the physical, emotional, and spiritual welfare of infants and children in the Cap Haitien area. It is home to approximately 60 children under the age of five whose parents are unable to care for them. COTP strives to reunite children with their birth parents whenever possible and provides interim care to some children until their parents’ financial situation changes or the child’s health stabilizes and parents can resume care. When it is not possible to reunite families, COTP will help facilitate adoption.

Many of the children at COTP face severe health challenges such as low birth weight, malnutrition, failure to thrive, HIV, malaria, tuberculosis, cerebral palsy, congenital birth defects, and severe developmental delays. According to Vermeulen, many require ongoing medical care but health care in this rural community is difficult to access, for several reasons. The nearest clinic is too far for many to travel, and it is useless for people to make the trip when they are unable to pay for their prescriptions.

She says, “If I could speak to the companies that donate medicine to HPIC, I would express my heartfelt gratitude for the difference they are making in these children’s lives. Growth and development and the ability to learn and thrive are products of good health. Without the generosity of companies like these, it would be impossible for these children to face their daily challenges.

“On behalf of Juven and Jacob and all the children, thank you for caring!”