Tylenol saves a baby’s life

When Amélie Desjardins Tessier, a 4th year medical student at Université de Montréal, travelled to Tanzania to do medical work, she learned something about the importance of simple treatments.

“When I arrived in Orkesumet, Tanzania,” she reports, “there was a baby girl named Neema, just under a year old. She had been hospitalized at the Health Center for 6 days already.”

“She had been running a fever every day between 38C and 40C and the doctors were not able to bring it down. She was convulsing from time to time and the only medication that was available was not effective.”

“I immediately gave her a dose of Tylenol for infants from the Physician Travel Pack and six hours later, the fever was gone! I really feel that we saved that little girl’s life and it’s one of the best feelings I ever had.”

The Orkesumet Health Center is an 18-bed facility serving some 50 people every day. According to Desjardins Tessier, the installations are of high quality but the equipment is highly deficient. Two local doctors cover all the shifts, seven days a week. The supply of medicine is inadequate.

Desjardins Tessier plans to carry a PTP on her next medical mission. “I saw firsthand how much the medicines I brought were useful and saved lives. It’s only a small action that made such a difference in the community and for the health workers.

“We are so lucky in developed countries to have the means to fight diseases, we have to share that privilege with the not-so-lucky major part of the world’s population.”