Young mother can walk again

Planning life-changing surgery

A team of volunteer surgeons with Operation Walk Canada Medical Mission performed surgery on 29 women and three men in an impoverished community in Ecuador.

Each one of these operations represents a life totally transformed. The ripple effects of this healing radiate bringing hope and change to the individual’s family and community.

One such person was a 24-year-old single mother who had been living in poverty and barely surviving because she could no longer walk.

This was due to bilateral hip osteoarthritis. This common type of osteoarthritis causes significant problems, including severe pain and a limited range of motion.

“She was up walking with crutches the next day,” reported Dr. Robert Bourne in his report to HPIC, “and she was discharged three days later.”

HPIC provided general anesthetic for the operation, pain medication, as well as medicine to prevent infection. “Thank you very much! Dr. Bourne said. “You have made a great difference!”

Thanks to the combined efforts of HPIC and Operation Walk, this young mother has her life back and her children have their mother back.