Help HPIC move medicines to the Philippines

Photo credit: REUTERS/Erik De Castro . Courtesy of Copyright 2013. All rights reserved.

HPIC is mobilizing a significant volume of medical aid to help the 9.5 million people in need and the 600,000 homeless in the Philippines following Super Typhoon Haiyan.

HPIC is reaching out to our partners on the ground and in Canada and seeing how best we will come alongside to provide desperately needed medicines.

“Experience tells us that the essential medicines found in the Physician Travel Pack are in great demand in emergency situations,” said HPIC’s Wes Robinson.

On Wednesday, a team of volunteers will be coming in to pack emergency Physician Travel Packs.

Getting needed medicines to communities dealing with the aftermath of disaster is something HPIC has been doing for almost 24 years. “We have an excellent track record,” Robinson said. “We have the partners in place to procure quickly what’s needed and to distribute this essential medicine to people whose lives depend on it.”

You can help us move medicine to the Philippines.

Get the highest return and greatest impact possible with your donation toward the Philippines relief efforts.

Your $1 donated to HPIC will:
1. provide at least $10 of essential medicine to the Philippines
2. generate another $1 toward Philippines relief from the Canadian government (for details see )

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