HPIC provides WHO with over $1 million in essential medicines for the people of Gaza

Today the World Health Organization in Gaza received over $1 million in essential medicines and supplies from Health Partners International of Canada.

The emergency relief shipment was airlifted in response to an urgent appeal for medicines from the United Nations’ body for global health issues. 

“Before the hostilities began, health facilities were severely overstretched mainly as a result of the siege of the Gaza Strip,” the WHO stated in an appeal to the international community for medicines. “The Ministry of Health was also facing critical shortages of medicines and disposables, with 192 medicines (40% of the essential medicine list), and 586 medical disposables (65% of the essential list) at zero stock. Many of the medicines at zero stock are lifesaving. Consequently, hospitals have to deal with the growing number of casualties with severely depleted medical supplies.”

HPIC estimates that the airlifted medicines will provide more than 60,000 treatments in the form of 100 emergency Physician Travel Packs and a further 250,000 treatments in the form of $690,000 of essential medicines and vitamins.

“This emergency operation is one that we are proud of because it was HPIC who initiated the project and rallied our partners to make it possible,” said Wes Robinson, HPIC’s Director of Emergency Relief and Pharmaceutical Management. A key partner in the project is IHP-UK, a similar organization in the U.K., and a member of the Health+Hope Alliance along with HPIC and MAP International of the U.S.

“Being part of the H+H Alliance helps HPIC work in a coordinated and efficient way when a emergency arises,” Robinson added.

All of the medicines and supplies were donated to HPIC by Canadian healthcare companies.