IMS Brogan partners with HPIC for optimized Physician Travel Pack (PTP) process through innovative Corporate Social Responsibility initiative

Our Physician Travel Packs go everywhere and anywhere to bring healing to vulnerable communities

Spending decisions at not-for-profits most often lean toward programming and activities that touch the mission directly. As a result, not-for-profits often end up doing things the same way they have always done them, using dated practices, technologies and tools.

About 18 months ago the HPIC team  realized how much the growing demand for its products and services had rendered some of the current processes, technologies and tools unable to respond . This was particularly important in a not-for-profit environment where organizational effectiveness is essential to ensure donationsgo towards mission projects. The need for optimization and transformation was evident.

With limited budget and resources, HPIC was looking at innovative ways to address this transformation need. HPIC hired Umalia, a Corporate Social Responsibility consulting firm, to design and implement an innovative partnership initiative aimed at optimizing some of HPIC’s core processes, starting with the PTP process, to enable medicines to reach individuals more efficiently across the globe. The partnership involved the provision of people, expertise and funds and used IMS Brogan’s core transformational competencies to achieve effectiveness.

“We are so grateful for the partnership with IMS Brogan,” said Glen Shepherd, President of HPIC. “Partners who understand that infrastructure investment is mission-critical are rare. This partnership with IMS Brogan is taking the PTP application process to the next level.”

HPIC’s Physician Travel Pack (PTP) program had been running for more than 15 years when HPIC started working with IMS Brogan and Umalia. It has seen tremendous growth  over the past five years.. “The project allowed HPIC to revisit an internal process and to identify possible improvements to facilitate the provision of medicines to Canadian healthcare professionals going on medical missions,” Shepherd explained.

A number of improvements resulted from the project, which concluded recently, with an average of 20-40% measurable improvements. Perhaps the biggest improvement is facilitating the application process by streamlining the application form used by partners and moving from printed hand-filled forms to online application forms,resulting in significant savings of time and thus enabling HPIC to send more PTPs in the same timeframe.

These and other process and technology improvements enabled HPIC to act even faster than before, allowing for more than 10  tonnes of medicine to be sent in  record time during the Philippines crisis.

A need for many program partners is a way to receive donations from multiple donors to support their PTP. HPIC is currently developing an added feature to the online application form that will allow PTP partners to funnel all their donors to a website to make donations directly online to HPIC. HPIC will then provide email updates about the donations received. “These improvements are going to help HPIC provide essential medicines through our Physician Travel Pack in the most efficient and effective way for our partners. We are grateful to IMS Brogan for supporting HPIC through multiple means, including  their core competencies as a transformative consulting partner to the healthcare industry,” Shepherd concluded.