Young woman restored to health with simple antibiotic

In Canada, we see a doctor at the earliest sign of infection and are so fortunate to be able to afford treatment. That little impetigo infection on a young child’s face is quickly tamed, treated and totally cured with a simple antibiotic. The same infection plays out quite differently in Haiti.

Dr. Harry Max Prochette, a family doctor associated with Pierre Le Gardeur Hospital in Terrebonne, Quebec and a partner in HPIC’s Physician Travel Pack program, saw what happens when impetigo is not treated. He had gone to a remote part of Haiti on a medical mission with a Physician Travel Pack.

“Her skin infection was so out of control by the time I saw her,” Dr. Prochette told HPIC staff about one of his patients. From her head to her feet, she was covered with open lesions and was suffering. She was in pain, couldn’t sleep and was terribly embarrassed by the disfigurement.

With Dr. Prochette’s care and with medicines, such as Clavulin donated by GlaxoSmithKline, from the Physician Travel Pack, this young woman made a full recovery.

Dr. Prochette showed a photo of his patient after she had completed her treatment. She was beautiful: whole and restored to perfect health, and with a smile on her face. Dr. Prochette taped a video interview with her. In the video, she expressed her gratitude to HPIC. “I thank God for the doctors who came to treat us and for the medicines they brought. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you so much.”