Ely, 12, raises over $12,000 for Ebola Relief

Ely Singh, a 12-year-old Grade 8 student from Niagara Falls, has raised over $12,000 to send emergency medical relief for people living with Ebola and those caring for them in West Africa.

“I am glad to report that all of the donations have been processed and a cheque for $11,188.09 has been couriered to you today,” Ely wrote in an email message to HPIC Oct. 10. In addition to the money collected by Ely, HPIC raised $845 on a webpage to support Ely’s efforts.

Ely started her bicycle Ride for Ebola Aug. 25 with the goal of biking 500 kms by Oct. 31 and raising $8,000 in sponsorships to do so.

“I am inspired by what Ely has done and am grateful for all the support that has been generated in Canada for Ebola relief,” said Glen Shepherd, President of HPIC. “We already have a program partner on the ground and will be working now on building a shipment thanks to the support raised by Ely.”

Donations are still welcome for this project. Please go to www.hpicanada.ca/elysrideforebola to donate any amount.