Every patient has a story

Sometimes treating one patient means that a whole family is helped, even an entire community.

This was an insight of Dr. Hélène Thibault who carried a Physician Travel Pack to Anse à Veau, Haiti in early May. Dr. Thibault went with a team from the University of Moncton for a Humanitarian Mission to Haiti.

During her two weeks in Haiti, Dr. Thibault worked two days at the local hospital and participated in mobile clinics. She estimates that she saw more than 260 patients.

“Each patient had a unique and touching story,” she wrote in her report to HPIC. “Our cook had tears in her eyes when we gave her medicine to treat her high blood pressure and an acid reflux problem. A little girl we treated for an infection of her navel would hold my hands when she saw me in the street.

“An elderly man who was thin and didn’t know his age, had multiple wounds and spoke a hard-to-understand Creole. When he was treated, he flashed us a striking smile and his eyes lit up.

“During one of the mobile clinics we entered into an old church to find 200 people waiting for us hoping to access free medical care,” Dr. Thibault reported.

I know these patients would want to say: “Mesi en pile!” (with a big smile!)