Help HPIC and help eradicate Ebola

FACT: Early supportive care for people living with Ebola improves survival. Rehydration and symptomatic treatment is saving lives.

FACT: Protecting healthcare workers reduces the spread of the virus and ensures continued care for patients.

FACT: Ebola has been successfully eradicated in Nigeria and Senegal.

Since the early days of the 2014 Ebola outbreak in West Africa, HPIC has been working with partners to respond. There is reason to hope and much work to be done to fight this killer.

HPIC is currently very active on the Ebola response file. We are equipping frontline workers and helping care for infected people.

Donors have been moved by the news coverage to do fundraising to help HPIC procure the medicines and medical supplies needed to fight this deadly outbreak striking at some of the most vulnerable populations in the world. More donations are urgently needed to provide the medicines and supplies that GlobalMedic, IMC and other HPIC partners on the ground need.

We continue to work with our healthcare industry donors and our program partners to plan more shipments of relief in line with the needs expressed by the health authorities on the ground.

To date HPIC has sent a number of shipments filled with urgently needed supplies. In June, we provided $128,000 worth of antibiotics, acetaminophen, gowns and gloves to PLAN International in Guinea, ground zero of the current epidemic.

In September HPIC provided 26 customized Emergency Physician Travel Packs to GlobalMedic to help frontline workers in Liberia and Sierra Leone care for infected people. These emergency mobile medical kits have equipped doctors and nurses with up to 15,000 treatments.

In their report to HPIC, GlobalMedic said the PTPs “were well suited for case management for suspected or confirmed Ebola cases. This shipment increased access to medical care for local populations, increased the ability of SDA Cooper Hospital and the Liberian MOH to manage suspected or confirmed cases of Ebola, and increased incentive for local populations to seek medical assistance when presenting symptoms of Ebola.”

In addition HPIC sent 2,500 canisters of powerful disinfectant wipes donated by Virox Technologies to Liberia in October. This donation will allow hospitals to kill the virus on surfaces and prevent further infections.

Help us continue to respond by donating today.