HPIC Launching Response to Ebola Outbreak in West Africa

An outbreak of Ebola virus in West Africa has prompted HPIC to launch a coordinated response with its partners. This outbreak is the first of its kind in the area, and is considered a serious threat to the people of Guinea, Liberia, and potentially Sierra Leone.

As of April 9th, a total of 158 confirmed cases, including 101 deaths, have been officially reported in Guinea, as well as 5 confirmed cases and 20 suspected cases in Liberia. Given the incubation period of up to three weeks and the challenges of containing this outbreak, more cases will likely be identified in the coming weeks.

In response to this outbreak, HPIC is working closely with Plan Canada to identify detailed needs in areas of medicine, medical supplies, and protective equipment needed to support case management and infection control in primary healthcare facilities. In the coming days, HPIC will mobilize its efforts to coordinate gift-in-kind donations from its healthcare industry partners to ensure that critical medicine and medical supplies reach the affected areas as quickly as possible.

You can help place urgently needed medicines and medical supplies into the hands of first responders on the ground. Please consider donating to HPIC’s Emergency Relief Fund to support our ongoing work in situations such as these.