HPIC is mobilizing to respond to the Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza

Ambulance picking up medicines at ANERA’s Gaza city warehouse. Photo Credit: ANERA

HPIC is working with its partners to send essential medicines and medical supplies to overwhelmed hospitals and clinics in Gaza.

The humanitarian needs in Gaza are mounting as the violence continues between Israel and Hamas. At least 335,000 people have been displaced from their homes and remain in emergency shelters or with host families. 16,700 homes in Gaza have been destroyed or severely damaged. Caught in the middle, the civilian population has to cope with severe shortages in water and power services, and conflict.

The UN has warned of a ‘rapidly unfolding’ health disaster in Gaza as weeks of intense fighting has left medical services and facilities in the Gaza strip on the edge of collapse. One third of hospitals, 14 primary health care clinics and 29 Palestinian Red Crescent and Ministry of Health ambulances have been damaged in the fighting. The hospitals and clinics that are still functioning are greatly overwhelmed. Since July 7, more than 9,536 people have reportedly been injured, including 2,877 children, 1,853 women and 347 elderly people. Essential stocks of medicines and medical supplies have almost been depleted.

HPIC is in the process of initiating a global response to this desperate humanitarian situation in coordination with its partners in the UK (IHP-UK) and Gaza. In Gaza, one of these partners is ANERA – one of the few international organizations that consistently gets health care and humanitarian supplies into Gaza. ANERA has been distributing antibiotics, painkillers, and surgical supplies to hospitals since the start of the emergency, but the needs remain significant.

HPIC is working to collect medicines and supplies to ship to Gaza through ANERA and other partners. Your donation to HPIC’s Emergency Response Fund helps to ensure that lifesaving medicines and supplies are delivered to those who need it most.