Ride for Ebola: Help Ely send needed medicines

Grade 8 student Ely Singh has biked about 180 kms to date toward her goal of biking 500 kms by Oct. 31.

Almost every morning since Aug. 25 the 12-year-old is on the road by 5:30 a.m. along with her dad, Dr. Artaj Singh, who is accompanying her on her Ride for Ebola. The Niagara Falls, Ontario father-daughter bike-riding duo are adding about 12 kms toward their goal every weekday morning.

“I started thinking about what I could do for my Grade 8 Community Service Project with my parents a few months ago,” Ely says. “Over the summer I heard the news about the Ebola outbreak and wanted to help. We are riding 500 kms and asking people to sponsor our ride so we can raise money to send needed medicines and supplies through HPIC to West Africa.”

HPIC has already provided a shipment of masks and gowns to Guinea and 26 Physician Travel Packs (customized for Ebola) with GlobalMedic teams from Canada to Liberia.
When Ely started her project, she hoped to raise $600 for one Physician Travel Pack. Her Dad promised to raise another $600 for a second PTP. Then a corporate sponsor pledged to match the $1,200.

Momentum has been building and more sponsors are coming on board. To date, Ely has raised $7,300 and is expecting to raise more than $8,000.

“We are inspired by what Ely has been able to do,” says Glen Shepherd, President of HPIC. “We would like to challenge the Canadian public to match Ely’s contributions and donate another $8,000 to get a shipment of much needed medicines and medical supplies to the Ebola-struck region.”

Ely has been following the Ebola news closely. “Though no definite treatment is available for Ebola, patients who receive supportive treatment early have a 50% better chance of survival,” Ely reports. “The medical systems and health workers in the affected areas are pushed to their limits and severely stressed at many levels.”

“Based on need, I want to send supplies such as antibiotics, supportive medications, and hydration supplies to help reduce the death rate from the Ebola infection, as well as gowns and masks to help decrease the spread of the disease in the communities.”

“I am asking everyone to donate $50, which works out to be 10 cents for every km I ride,” says Ely. “However, any amount will help us fight Ebola.” Donations can be made online to support Ely’s Ride for Ebola.