AstraZeneca medicines essential for surgical missions

Dr. Jon Just on his annual surgical mission trip to The Gambia was supplied with anesthetic donated by AstraZeneca to HPIC.

For more than 20 years, AstraZeneca has been a major partner in the work of Health Partners International of Canada (HPIC) to increase access to medicine for the most vulnerable communities in the world.

Over the next year, we expect AstraZeneca to surpass $25 million in donated medicines to HPIC. AstraZeneca also contributes a major financial gift every year to assure the general funding of HPIC’s healing mission.

AstraZeneca regularly donates anesthetic injections, such as Xylocaine and Diprivan, requested by surgical mission teams.

HPIC equipped the B.C. Children’s Hospital Uganda Pediatric Surgery Camp with specially requested medicines for their mission in 2014. The catchment area for the hospital in Uganda where the team works is “very poor, and there is no way the patients and families could afford to pay for their surgery, antibiotics or pain medication,” Dr. Eleanor Reimer of the team wrote in a report to HPIC.

“There was a child with a bowel obstruction who would certainly have died if she had not received the life-saving surgery that our team was able to provide. She was born six weeks premature so she also benefitted from the pediatric anesthesia expertise that we were able to provide. The medicines that HPIC provided such as propofol (Diprivan), antibiotics, local anesthetic, all contributed to the very best care of this infant. Mom and Dad were absolutely thrilled with this life-saving surgery. We couldn’t have done it without the generous HPIC donors of medicine.”

AstraZeneca was also a major donor of medicines to meet needs in Afghanistan, especially for women and children. For five years, HPIC managed a Capacity Building and Access to Medicine project there in partnership with the Ministry of Public Health and nine hospitals in Kabul.

AstraZeneca’s commitment to HPIC has been consistent and reliable over the last two decades.

View AstraZeneca’s short video celebrating HPIC’s Mission on the occasion of our 25th anniversary.