Matching funds for HPIC’s Syria medical relief

Courtesy IMC/ Sam Tarling

From 2011 until now, Health Partners International of Canada has provided $3.6 million in essential medicines and medical supplies to internally displaced Syrians and those living as refugees in camps and communities in Turkey, Iraq, Lebanon and Jordan.

We have been able to deliver an estimated 300,000 courses of treatment thanks to our donors and several partner organizations.

“Now we are hoping to do more since the Government of Canada is matching all donations $1 for $1 from individuals to any Canadian registered charity’s Syrian relief projects until Dec. 31,” said Denis St-Amour, HPIC’s President.

HPIC’s programs team is actively following this greatest humanitarian crisis of our time and is ready to move once more funding becomes available.

HPIC is currently in touch with several on-the-ground partners to determine needs, and speaking with healthcare donors to procure the medicines and medical supplies required.

“We had more hope for an end to the conflict in the early days, now we are focused on raising awareness about the urgent humanitarian needs and moving as much medical relief as possible,” says Bayan Khatib, communications manager for UOSSM-Canada, the local chapter of the international network The Union of Medical Care and Relief Organizations.

UOSMM-Canada is one of the organizations HPIC is working with to expedite medical relief to Syria and to equip Canadian medical teams for work in Turkey among the refugees. HPIC has also worked with International Medical Corps, ANERA and individual Canadian doctors.

“UOSSM is the largest medical relief organization operating in Syria, working as the implementing partner for the U.N. and other NGOs,” Bayan said. “We coordinate medical relief efforts, pay the salaries of 600 local doctors and health workers and provide essential medicines and medical supplies to 80 hospitals and 12 primary care centres.

“We have provided training to thousands of health workers to help them do this vital work in a war zone. They are doing heroic work. There are 1 million injured Syrians and 300,000 dead. If it were not for the doctors and nurses we work with, these numbers would be reversed.”

Internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Syria are the weakest, sickest and most impoverished Syrians. “Our goal is to provide medical relief for this most vulnerable group while coming alongside Syrian doctors and health workers.

“Helping HPIC move medicine to Syria, Turkey, Iraq and Lebanon is a very direct way to do something about the Syrian crisis,” says Denis. “I urge you to act now and make the most of your donation during the matching funds period, concluding Dec. 31.”