Pharmascience’s donated medicines are a blessing

Courtesy: HOPE International Development Agency

In a few weeks the Dominican Republic will receive the first container of medical relief shipped out of the new efficient distribution centre in Oakville, Ontario of Health Partners International of Canada (HPIC).  Half the container, which left on Nov. 2, was loaded with medicines donated by Pharmascience, including antibiotics for kids, asthma inhalant, medicine for arthritis pain, cholesterol lowering medicine, fluoride tablets, cough syrup and vitamins.

The 40-foot container was sent in partnership with HOPE International Development Agency and was destined for a mountainous region called San Jose de Ocoa.

The medical relief will be distributed to a network of clinics, hospitals and other facilities, including a Red Cross clinic.

Health facilities are under-resourced and doctors cannot always provide full care to patients, according to HOPE. This shipment will provide residents of San Jose de Ocoa and surrounding provinces with free basic medicines that they would not usually be able to obtain. Treatment and recovery for thousands of people who live in poverty will be possible thanks to this provision of essential medicines.

HOPE has been a partner of HPIC for seven years. They regularly send medical relief to this region of the D.R. and to other countries. HOPE describes their work: “We extend a helping hand to the poorest of the poor so they can regain their self-sufficiency, or in cases of disaster, survive.”

There was a story about a patient living in the same region of the D.R. who benefitted from Pharmascience donations earlier in 2015 in a recent report HPIC received from HOPE:

“Maria Mordan, aged 64, lives alone since her child died of kidney disease at age 27. Mrs. Mordan suffers from bronchial asthma and recently went to a health centre when she had an asthma attack. Rhinaris helped with the symptoms, but the doctor also diagnosed Mrs. Mordan with high blood pressure. A cardiologist at the San Jose de Ocoa hospital prescribed a treatment of 100mg of Losartan. As an older person without any family to support her, Mrs. Mordan refused this treatment because she was worried she could not afford it. However, thanks to the donation from HPIC, Mrs. Mordan was able to access an 8-month supply of Losartan. Mrs. Mordan is so grateful to the donors for helping her.”

The medicines in this earlier shipment, including Rhinaris and Losartan, provided treatment for 69,250 patients in 43 facilities. The staff highlighted the usefulness of Pharmascience’s Losartan donation in particular, and wished to thank HPIC’s donors for these life-saving medicines.

Dr. Jacqueline Castillo of the regional hospital extended the thanks and appreciation of all her colleagues. “Each time that a mother comes to our centre with a child in her arms – or any other patient – seeking medical attention,” wrote Dr. Castillo in her report to HPIC, “and we are able to prescribe them the medication they need and give it to them for free, they are blessed. Thanks to you and your program to help people in need. God bless you.”

“We are very grateful for the long-time commitment of Pharmascience to our mission of delivering health and hope,” said Denis St-Amour, HPIC’s President.

Pharmascience has been donating to HPIC since 1995 and this year, to date, Pharmascience has donated enough medicine to provide an estimated 500,000 treatments!