Thank you Izzy Doll knitters and crocheters!

HPIC’s knitters and crocheters received a special thank you from partners in the Physician Travel Pack program. Did you know that every year HPIC receives over 12,000 Izzy Dolls to distribute with our medical relief shipments every year?

These dolls protect the valuable life-saving medicines and then are given out to children who come to clinics. In some cases they are a first toy for a child. In all cases, the dolls bring joy and comfort.

Let us pass on this special word of thanks from our partners with the Eganville Rotary who brought a Physician Travel Pack to bring medical relief to people living in a slum in Kenya this October:

“Dr. Peter Inoti and his wife Francisca opened the PTP today and were extremely pleased with the shipment of drugs and medical supplies.  The knitted dolls were a very nice touch and as you can see from the photos, were appreciated by one happy youngster at the Clinic.  Please thank the people who did the knitting.”

“Let me add our thanks to our nationwide network of volunteer knitters and crocheters,” says Denis St-Amour, President of HPIC. “Each doll represents a child in an impoverished community who benefits from our medical relief programs. The doll is a lasting reminder of the care they received and a symbol of love from Canada because each doll is unique and handmade with love by a volunteer. Thank you.”

HPIC always needs Izzy Dolls. You can knit or crochet them too.

Recently the Izzy Doll was in the news because a lady in Perth is making them for refugees arriving in Canada.