Very busy shipping month brings HPIC close to $500 million milestone

The month of July is high vacation time in Canada but not at Health Partners International of Canada (HPIC).

“The needs are ever growing and we are blessed with the donations of medicine we need to be able to respond,” says Denis St-Amour.

Last month, trucks were pulling up to the bay at our distribution centre in Oakville at a steady pace. In total HPIC received $3.7 million worth of medicine or more than 37 skids.

“And we turned that around and shipped out $4.1 million worth of medical relief shipments,” says Wes Robinson, HPIC’s Senior Director of Operations and Emergency Response.

A major shipment was 100 Mother-Child Health Kits to Kenya with The Salvation Army. Other shipments included two containers with HOPE International Development Agency to Honduras and the Dominican Republic, and 59 Humanitarian Medical Kits for primary care.

“As of today, the grand total of medical relief provided through HPIC stands at $499 million,” says Linda Campbell, Senior Director of Product Planning. “We expect to reach the $500 million milestone in August, meaning that close to 30 million treatments have been provided through HPIC and our implementing partners.”

This summer you can help HPIC deliver health and hope and move all this wonderful medicine to people who are waiting and hoping to receive the treatment they need to recover. Every $1 donated to HPIC is multiplied to deliver at least $10 of essential medicine to a community in need.

Consider a summertime donation because diseases and viruses do not take holidays.