Ecuador earthquake: need for medicines

Be part of our mission to deliver health and hope to the people of Ecuador following the massive April 16 earthquake.

What can you do?
→ Take a Humanitarian Medical Kit
– ready-to-go portable kit
– contains a standard assortment of essential medicines and medical supplies
– can provide up to 600 treatments
→ Plan a bulk airlift of primary care kits
Make a donation to HPIC’s emergency relief efforts to help us move urgently needed medicines to Ecuador
Make a product donation (healthcare companies only)

What’s happening in Ecuador?
• National state of crisis declared
• 6 provinces impacted
• Strongest quake to hit Ecuador since 1979
• Thousands are homeless, towns are destroyed
• Survivors are seeking shelter and support
• Many need medical treatment
• Landslides hampering relief efforts
• Number of dead and injured expected to grow
• April 18: 350 dead & 2,000 injured

HPIC is working with our partners to mobilize emergency medical relief.

Humanitarian Medical Kits needed (formerly Physician Travel Packs (PTP)

These kits are HPIC’s primary way to respond to emergency situations. Pre-packed with a standard assortment of essential medicines and medical supplies, the kits are portable and convenient and allow medical personnel and aid agencies to go wherever the needs are. With a Humanitarian Medical Kit, a health worker can set up a functioning clinic virtually anywhere and begin seeing patients immediately.