Ecuador relief: opportunity to treat 10,000 people in need of medical care

• Medical relief to treat 10,000 people packed and ready
• Airlift ready
• Reputable NGO partner on the ground is waiting

Health Partners International of Canada has an incredible opportunity to offer Canadians who wish to send much needed medical relief to Ecuador following the earthquakes April 16 and 22.

Essential medicine is packed into portable emergency kits and ready for airlift. Each kit contains a standard assortment of essential medicines and medical supplies, requested by HPIC’s NGO partner in Guayaquil, the most populous city in Ecuador about two hours away from the earthquake zone.

“We have provided medicines to this organization in the past. It has 28 years of experience and is reputable,” says HPIC’s Senior Director of Programs, Maricarmen Raudales. “This local NGO runs four hospitals (Pediatrics, Gynecology and Obstetrics, Psychiatry, Cardiology/Neurology) in the city.
“Many victims of the earthquake are being treated at their hospitals. Doctors are ready to leave with HPIC’s emergency kits to treat the injured in mobile clinics in the earthquake-affected areas.”

We need your help to raise $30,000 to cover our expenses and shipping charges. This will airlift 24,000 full courses of medical treatment and equip doctors in the field. In order to act quickly, we are asking for pledges or donations now.

“This is a great opportunity to help meet needs directly,” says Denis St-Amour, HPIC’s President. “The beauty of sending medicines to trusted and established partner organizations is that we are actually helping people now. Your donation is guaranteed to deliver health and hope.”