Oct. 19 Haiti medical relief update

Credit: Food For The Poor

A medical team left Toronto on Monday with Haiti medical relief . Health Partners International of Canada (HPIC) has equipped them with enough medicines to treat an estimated 1,500 people.

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Another medical team will be leaving B.C. Nov. 1 for a two-week mission to Haiti. They will be equipped with a Humanitarian Medical Kit for primary care and another kit for Mother-Child Health, enabling them to treat about 400 people.

Pharma industry mobilized

Meanwhile HPIC’s mobilization of medical aid from Canada’s pharmaceutical and healthcare industry continues. To date, HPIC has received $1.5 million in donated medicines and medical supplies for Haiti relief from members of the Canadian Generic Pharmaceutical Association, Consumer Health Products Canada, and Innovative Medicines Canada as well as independent companies.

“We are grateful to our Canadian pharmaceutical and healthcare industry for making this compassionate response from Canada possible,” says Denis St-Amour, HPIC’s President.  “The scale of this humanitarian crisis is huge and our partners tell us it will take months of relief work.”

Food For The Poor: HPIC’s on-the-ground partner

HPIC on-the-ground partner Food For The Poor has arranged an airlift leaving from Montreal Nov. 15. Skids of medicines and supplies, to address the cholera danger and other health problems, will be loaded onto that plane.

Food For The Poor reports that “cholera, diarrhea and flu-like symptoms are spreading as desperate people share close quarters with family and friends amid poor sanitary conditions which facilitates the transmission of disease.”

HPIC continues to appeal for emergency funding to help fund this emergency response and help us do more. Every $1 donated to HPIC delivers at least $10 of medicine to a community in need.

Donate now to HPIC’s Haiti medical relief projects

Donors of medicine and medical supplies to HPIC’s Haiti relief projects:

Henry Schein
Johnson & Johnson
LEO Pharma Canada
Patterson Dental
Vita Health