Self-care products in high demand for vulnerable communities

In reports to Health Partners International of Canada (HPIC), doctors, humanitarians and NGOs often cite appreciation for self-care products. These are products that one can administer to oneself or to their child without a prescription from a doctor.

“The communities we serve are extremely vulnerable and lack access to medical care and medicines,” says Maricarmen Raudales, HPIC’s Senior Director of Programs. “They are experts at self-care because they have to be and they really appreciate items such as vitamins, analgesics and antifungals.”

HPIC has a long-standing partnership with Consumer Health Products Canada (CHP Canada) and many of their member companies. Johnson and Johnson is among HPIC’s top level of donors and our top donor of self-care or over-the-counter medicines in 2015. Pfizer’s consumer division also provides many donations of selfcare products. Pharmascience and Vita Health are also consistent donors of self-care products.

“We are proud to acknowledge and celebrate our partnership with CHP Canada and manufacturers of self-care products on the occasion of International Self-Care Day,” says Denis St-Amour, President of HPIC. “So many of our projects include self-care products. Our Maternal Care Kit is built with self-care products. This kit gives mothers and babies a wonderful start in life.”

For more information about self-care and some health care tips we can all take to heart, see these resources from partner CHP Canada:

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