Delivering health where no cars can take you

Courtesy: Becky Munnings

This area in the mountains near Cap Haitien had never had a visit from a medical team.

Health Partners International of Canada (HPIC) partner Becky Munnings and part of the team of 11 healthcare workers from Harvest Bible Chapel in Oakville had quite a journey to get to this village.

“We drove as far as we could and two doctors, a nurse, a pharmacist and translators hiked in another half mile. The rain was constant and water rose as we crossed over three rivers. Despite the weather, people waited for seven hours to be seen. 175 people were seen that day. A return visit was needed as we couldn’t see everyone who came. A total of 1,200 people were seen during our mission. Many thanks to HPIC for your help.”

It is suggested that 71% of people in this area live on $2 a day and that 47% lack health care.

The team put together a slideshow video to put faces to the people they treated at various clinics in and around Cap Haitien in November 2016. They were equipped with $60,000 worth of medicine packed into Humanitarian Medical Kits from HPIC.

Watch video here