Kit a “huge boost” to local clinic

Courtesy of Fondation Sénégal Santé Mobile

With only 2 doctors to serve a population of 75,000, access to health care and medicine is very restricted for the people who live in Kédougou, Senegal. According to partner Fondation Sénégal Santé Mobile, the region is “one of the poorest and has alarming health indicators.” Maternal and infant mortality are very high: 622 mothers for every 100,000 births die in childbirth and 13 babies out of 1,000 births die in the process of being born.

Joy and relief 

You could imagine the joy and relief when the local healthcare workers at the Centre de Santé de Rusfique received a Humanitarian Medical Kit from Health Partners International of Canada (HPIC) packed with essential medicines and supplies that could treat up to 250 people. They were so happy to receive the primary care medicines that they made a video to say thank you.

Watch thank you video 

“Procuring essential medicine in Senegal is very difficult and we experience temporary disruptions in supply as well as permanent disruptions,” the Foundation wrote in their report to HPIC. Regional councils are in charge of obtaining medicines from the central government stores. These stores are not well stocked leaving clinics and even large hospitals dependent on donations from abroad for all sorts of medications, supplies and patient transport equipment.

Vulnerable population 

This donated medicine is a huge boost to an impoverished population, they wrote in the report to HPIC. The region borders on Guinea and features some beautiful destinations for ecotourism as well as mining activity. However, much of the local population does not benefit from those economic activities and every August-September, they experience food shortages.

Thank you 

It is women and children who suffer the most and it is also the women and children that Fondation Sénégal Santé Mobile seek to serve.

The Foundation would like to thank the pharmaceutical and healthcare companies that donate medicines and supplies to HPIC: “THANK YOU — a million times Thank You – keep up the good work. We need and appreciate you very much !!!!”