New lead contact for Healthcare Industry Relations at HPIC

Canada’s healthcare and pharmaceutical companies have a new main contact at Health Partners International of Canada (HPIC).

After 17 years of service, Linda Campbell will be retiring at the end of December 2017. “Linda has managed our network of over 60 donor companies in Canada’s pharmaceutical and healthcare sector with great integrity and care,” says Denis St-Amour. “We are grateful for her dedicated service and sad to see her go. Fortunately, we have found an amazing person to lead our relations with our donors of medicine and medical supplies.”

Marcelle McPhaden brings to HPIC three decades of experience covering many different aspects of the healthcare system in Canada and internationally, from working as a physiotherapist, to managing hospital services in Canada and the U.S., to enabling the accreditation of healthcare institutions in the Middle East and Asia.

“I am a long-time supporter of HPIC and am committed to improving health at all levels,” Marcelle says. “I have seen the needs with my own eyes in Cuba, Bolivia and other countries.


“The mission of HPIC was brought home to me following an experience my daughter had in Nicaragua. She is a medical student and was volunteering in the summer of 2016 when she contracted the Zika virus. At the hospital she was given the diagnosis, but they did not have all of the required medicines to treat her. Thankfully, she was able to locate the medicine elsewhere.”

HPIC and its partners share a vision for improving health for the most vulnerable. “When you are healthy, everything else becomes possible: education, employment, democracy,” she says. “I am passionate about contributing to creating a better world through better health.”

Marcelle, who holds a Master’s Degree in Health Administration and a Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Therapy, comes to HPIC after serving the Canadian Medical Association, Canada’s national association of physicians. She managed the accreditation of allied health professional education programs in Canada for the past three years and prior to that worked at Accreditation Canada where she managed the accreditation of international healthcare organizations in the Middle East and Asia.

Marcelle also has considerable volunteer commitments, including serving on the Board of Directors of Welcome Hall Mission, which serves at risk children, families and adults in Montreal. In her personal life, she is married and mother to three young adults.

“The common thread in my experience is a heart for quality improvement at all levels of the health system to ultimately bring better care to patients and communities. A large part of our world is missing essential elements to be able to follow best practices, such as access to medicine. I look forward to meeting with HPIC’s partners and working together to advance our mission.”

Marcelle is eager to discuss ideas and interests with HPIC’s partners and any company that may be interested in opportunities to be part of this Canadian movement to deliver health and hope.

Marcelle can be reached at:

514-822-1112, ext. 130