Volunteers pack “health and hope” throughout the year

Did you know that Health Partners International of Canada benefited from over 1,300 volunteer hours given by about 500 volunteers last year? And that is not even counting the Izzy Doll knitters and crocheters!

Almost every week teams come in to pack medicines at our distribution centre in Oakville, Ontario. Every Humanitarian Medical Kit is packed with care by a volunteer team. They sort the medicines and pack the kits that bring healing to the most vulnerable people in 50 countries every year.

“We love welcoming the volunteers to our distribution centre!” says Wes Robinson, HPIC’s Director of Operations. “It is a great way to share our mission, especially with the employees of companies that donate medicine. And when they leave, they know they are helping thousands of people access essential medicine and care.”

Other volunteers across Canada devote about 40,000 hours every year knitting or crocheting Izzy Dolls. The first task of these dolls is to protect the medicines packed in our Humanitarian Medical Kits. Their most important job is to bring joy and comfort to children seen at clinics and hospitals.

And there are more volunteers who offer their time and expertise to help HPIC with specific projects to advance the mission to increase access to medicine for the most vulnerable.

On the occasion of National Volunteer Week, we wish to offer our thanks to all our volunteers! Thank you!

And our partners in program delivery and the patients who benefit join us in thanking you:

“Thanks so much. There is no way we would be able to get access to these drugs or be able to afford them even if we could.”

“Thank you so much. We would not have any medicine if it were not for this Humanitarian Medical Kit!”

“The patients were very grateful that there are people who would care enough to donate these medications.”

“The medications facilitate my work. I am able to give more effective treatments than I would otherwise be able. Patients are happy to know someone cares about their wellbeing and is willing to help them. It makes them feel valued.”

Thanks to the companies that provide volunteers:

Astellas Pharma Canada, Inc.
AstraZeneca Canada
Bayer Inc.
Eli Lilly Canada
GlaxoSmithKline Inc.
Johnson & Johnson Inc.
LEO Pharma Inc. Canada
Pfizer Canada Inc.
Teva Canada Limited