Thank you to all our volunteers!

Team from NBC packing medicines during Volunteer Week

On the occasion of National Volunteer Week 2018, we would like to say a warm thank you to our hundreds of volunteers from across Canada, from our network of donor healthcare companies, our movement of Izzy Doll knitters and those who crochet, our individual volunteers who offer professional services, our faithful “regulars” in the Oakville-Mississauga area.

Health Partners International of Canada and those we serve in communities in crisis and the developing world are so grateful. This unique Canadian movement to deliver health and hope runs on volunteer power.

“In 2017 we estimate that volunteer packing teams contributed more than 1,500 hours at our DC,” says Nancy McGuire, HPIC’s director who oversees the volunteer program. “This estimate is only packing though- we have people leaving every week as volunteers from across Canada to bring care and treatment to communities in great need around the world. And we have an awesome team of professionals and companies that offer their services and expertise to advance our mission.

On behalf of all those we serve, we want to thank all of you who serve HPIC!”