Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct Policy

Health Partners International of Canada (HPIC) is a not-for-profit relief and development organization that delivers health and hope to the world’s most vulnerable people. This code of conduct acts as a standard for all employees, Board members and volunteers at HPIC to guide the way in which we handle our affairs.

The code of conduct is based on the organizational values, the workplace values of HPIC and reflects the organizational structure of the organization.  The organizational values were approved by the board of Directors and the workplace values were developed in a consultative process that involved all HPIC staff. The structure is the expression of the legal and delegated roles and responsibilities of the board, staff and volunteers of HPIC.

As an expression these values, HPIC staff and volunteers are expected to be guided by the following standards in their dealings with donors, NGO partners, industry partners, the general public and other staff members. All interactions will be characterized by:

  • A commitment to achieving the organizational objectives as determined by the Board of Directors and, by delegation, the management of HPIC;
  • Honesty and integrity in the handling of all correspondence, meetings, negotiations and contracts;
  • Respect and dignity in how we view all those with whom we partner and those whom we serve on the field. Other staff members will be viewed the same way as we seek to work together and resolve disagreements;
  • Compassion and caring as a reflection of our belief in social justice and our commitment to helping the world’s disadvantaged realize their full value as brothers and sisters in God’s family;
  • Stewardship of all resources in a way that eliminates wastefulness, encourages modesty and ensures that donor gifts are used in the most effective way and in full respect of the purpose for which they were given;
  • Leadership, vision and innovation which push all those associated with HPIC to seek the most mission-effective and cost-effective ways of working;
  • Excellence and professional discipline to keep HPIC’s activities focussed on results and mission effectiveness;
  • A respect for the decision-making structure of HPIC.

Adopted at HPIC’s Board of Directors Meeting October 18, 2012